Hello Voice Fans!

I finally set up an actual blog site so that you can just go to my site to see what I have posted. I might have some dumb things to say, some boring things to say, or maybe I get redundant, and yes, even offensive. But please know I mostly jest and try to get reaction from my thoughts. Thanks for reading!

During the blind auditions, I gave ranks to each singer, basing it on potential of that singer making it to the final 8 of the competition. A rank 5 means they are the best of the best, while a rank 1 means they should be sent home ASAP!

And so it begins, let the battle rounds commence!

Ashley Morgan (Rank 3) VS Mia Z (Rank 5)

The first battle! Ashley was someone i liked in the blinds but didn’t hear anything that made me go “WoW!” like Mia did with her ridiculous high notes. For this battle they are singing “Put the gun down” which definitely catered more towards Ashley. However, Ashley is making the song very karaoke (a word I will use a lot when the performance seems generic), while Mia oozes sultry moves and vocals. I love Mia and think she has a great chance to make it to the lives, and I vote Mia as the winner.

Pharrell chooses Mia and I think he made the right choice. However, Adam, Christina and Blake (All three judges, holy crap!) press the steal button, and Ashley chooses Team Christina as her new home.

James McNeice (Rank 1)  VS Tonya Boyd-Cannon (Rank 1)

The battle of the rank one’s! Here we go with the song “P.Y.T.”, and while James has the smooth vocals to cover it, he seems flat and uninspiring. Tonya sings this better and makes it feel more real. I give this to Tonya, and she does get chosen by Adam. James does not get stolen and is sent packing by Adam. Good thing his prior employer was FedEx…

Brian Johnson (Rank 5) VS Joshua Davis (Rank 5)

These amazing singers are singing “Knockin’ on Heavens Door” and it was mind blowing. This is one of those battles where there is no loser and both are true winners. I probably would go with Joshua just because the grit in his voice and the way sings is more genuine, but it isn’t by much. This is the best battle of the night and makes me glad to have this show to watch. Blake choses Brian and I can’t complain too much because they are both really, really good. However, Joshua was stolen by Adam and this was a great use of a save for Team Adam.

Anthony Riley (Rank 4) VS Travis Ewing (Rank 2)

For Team Pharrell, they are singing the song “Get Ready”. I hate this song as it makes the performance seem very cheesy. However, Anthony is a personal favorite of mine and deserves the win. Travis is wearing some sort of 50’s outfit that makes him look like Arthur Fonzarelli, and this does not translate well with this song. Appearance can mean a lot when you are singing certain songs. Take note kids. Pharrell chooses Anthony and I think made the right choice. Travis is stolen by Blake and I have no clue as to why. He will be going home next battle, guaranteed.

Ameera Delandro (Rank 2) VS Sonic (Rank 2)

So Christina Aguilera is giving them an almost impossible song “Masterpiece” by the amazing Jessie J, and it shows right off the top how hard it can be to sing. Ameera falls flat on her face…probably the worst battle performance I have heard since season 4. It was awful. Sonic does a little better with it, but this was a train wreck. Sonic wins by default in my book. Christina does in fact choose Sonic, but no one wants to steal Ameera, and I don’t blame them one bit. Awful. p.s. I want to just comment on how amazing Christina Aguilera looks tonight…angelic.

Hannah Kirby (Rank 3) VS Sarah Potenza (Rank 3)

They are singing the song “Gimme Shelter”, which is such a great choice for both of these powerful voices. I am most surprised by Hannah, who was the last singer to be kept from the blind auditions-she is singing out of her mind! Sarah can sing really well too, but I can not stand her stage presence. These two women are trading blows and give new meaning to the term “battle round”. I personally like Hannah and would be my choice if I was choosing. Blake chooses Sarah, but Pharrell and Adam both hit their buttons to steal Hannah! She chooses Pharrell, but I honestly think this was a mistake, as her voice and personality would have worked better with Adam.

Blaze Johnson (Rank 3) VS Michael Leier (Rank 4)

Ok…this is the first time in the battles where it is clear song choice destroys a singer, as the song “Rude” is chosen and Michael clearly struggles with it, even his voice cracks trying to sing it. Blaze can do it, and wins just because he can sing this song while Michael struggled. I feel bad for Michael because I really liked him and his potential. Ah well, such is The Voice, where song choices mean so much. Adam chooses Blaze and no one wants Michael. It is what it is.

Cody Wickline (Rank 4) VS Matt Snook (Rank 3)

And here we have the first country battle of the season! I liked Cody from the blinds, as I felt he was the best male country singer. HOWEVER, Matt came in to this battle and brought it! I like the potential of Cody more long-term, but for this battle, I give the win to Matt, who had the better vocal performance. Blake chooses Cody, and I don’t blame him because he has more potential. Matt is not stolen…goodbye Matt, you did well.

Meghan Linsey (Rank 1) VS Paul Pfau (Rank 3)

Singing “Don’t Let Me Down”, Team Pharrell’s singers both shine bright singing this iconic song. Now, while Meghan has a good voice, she simply does not impress me enough with a stage presence to be a contender. I ranked her as a 1 from the blinds and she rises to a potential 3 based on her performance. Paul is solid and meets the expectations of what I felt he is. He wins this battle and should be chosen. Pharrell chooses Paul and I think he made the right choice, but Meghan has Blake, Adam, and Christina all hit their buttons to try to steal Meghan! She chooses her buddy Blake. Duh.

Briar Jonnee (Rank 1) VS Caitlin Caporale (Rank 4)

Briar had some massive nerve issues in the blinds, so I didn’t expect much from her. Caitlin was a bombshell in her audition, and should win this easily. The song choice is “Fallen” by my girlfriend Alicia Keys, and while both girls sing it to perfection, I felt more connection with Briar’s version of it than Caitlin…which makes me want to choose Briar. Pharrell chooses Caitlin and I can’t blame him since based on my rankings, has the higher ceiling. Goodbye Briar, you did well.

Barry Minniefield (Rank 1) VS Jack Gregori (Rank 1)

Ok so I hated both of these jokers in the blinds, and now they are singing “Feelin’ Alright”. I really don’t see anything that changes my mind about them both being rank 1 singers. Seriously, flip a coin, make a decision, and move on. Adam decides to keep Barry. Goodbye Jack, peace out.

Katelyn Read (Unknown) VS Treeva Gibson (Rank 3)

I am unaware of Katelyn as I don’t think her blind was aired, so this is a wild card. Treeva was pretty good in her blind but something about her doesn’t scream top 8 to me. I am anxious to hear this battle! They are singing “Addicted to Love”, and I really think this Katelyn chick is super generic. I Like Treeva, she has some awesome tone that really impresses me. I want Treeva to win this and hope she does! This arrangement of the song is horrible though, whoever thought to do it like this should be shot. Christina chooses Treeva and that made me glad! Katelyn is going home, goodbye, I will forget you in 2 seconds.

Kimberly Nichole (Rank 2) VS Lowell Oakley (Rank 2)

Singing “Hound Dog”, Team Pharrell’s singers execute it flawlessly. I will say that Lowell’s stage presence and moves were really overboard imo. Just for that reason, I go with Kimberly. So Pharrell takes the record for longest choice ever! Haha…this is amazing. Taking so long to decide the fate of rank 2 singers…sigh. Pharrell chooses Lowell. Finally. After like, 10 hours. Kimberly does get stolen though by Christina, so grats Christina on a rank 2 singer. Yeah, so excited….not.

Brenna Yaeger (Unknown) VS Kelsie May (Rank 2)

Ok so Brenna I have no data on since I don’t remember her, and Kelsie is some super generic country singer that I wasn’t impressed with at all in the blind’s. They are singing “Fancy”, which is a super hick song that I am not into at all. They almost look like twins on the stage, so I am going to just focus on stage presence, and I feel like Kelsie wins since she seems more natural up there. But honestly, I don’t think either of these girls are anything special. Blake chooses Kelsie and Brenna goes home. Good call Blake, good call.

Clinton Washington (Unknown) VS India Carney (Rank 3)

So these singers are singing “Stay” by Rhianna and I thought the female singer would have the natural advantage singing this song, but I was totally impressed with Clinton that I think India just got beat by a dude singing a girl song. I would chose Clinton, who I don’t even remember but is a really great vocalist. Christina chooses India, which I think was a mistake. Adam and Pharrell agree with me as they both hit their button to steal Clinton. He chooses Adam, and I think that was the best choice for his voice.

Well that is it for now, tomorrow has some of my favorite singers incoming so I am very excited! THIS IS THE VOICE!


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