The Voice – Continued

Tonight is the final night of the battle rounds and I am stoked! Looking forward to the singers that are still left and hope they bring it!

Jeremy Gaynor (Rank 5) VS Rob Taylor (Rank 4)

Christina has chosen the song “Animals” by M5 for her battle and I love the choice! It is a song that definitely is outside the box for Jeremy and Rob, and I think the result was a good one. Both singers came out strong with tons of energy, bouncing around the stage while still able to accumulate enough breath to sing their next highest notes. It was a terrific battle and I preferred Jeremy, but Christina disagrees and chooses Rob. Oddly enough, Jeremy does not get stolen and I think that was a mistake.

Noelle Bybee (No Rank) VS Sawyer Fredericks (Rank 2)

Sawyer really weirds me out…I guess its a guy since they refer to him as a he, but I can’t take this person seriously. As for Noelle, she has the soft, sweet tones that usually accompany a coffee shop singer. They are singing “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” and I do approve of the arrangement. Now, while I like Noelle more, her type of voice never goes far in this competition, so I think Sawyer would make for a better long-term choice. Pharrell does indeed choose Sawyer. Noelle is sent home, no saves available for her.

At this time, The Voice decided to just blow past three battles, some with singers I really wanted to hear! Grrr…

Corey Kent White VS Jacob Rummell

Now back to the last battle of the night, and stupid Blake is choosing a country song (of course) and this sucks because its in Corey’s Wheelhouse but not Jacob’s. Talk about a one-sided song choice. This is really painful watching (and listening) to Jacob singing this song, as it is nothing like what he should be singing. And honestly, Corey isn’t singing this all that great either. I would give this to Jacob regardless, proving how terrible Corey is. Thanks Blake for ruining the evening with a stupid song choice and a cheesy battle. Blake chooses Corey (OF COURSE) and lucky for Jacob, Pharrell steals him. I hate Blake, why any non-country singer would even think of choosing him over anyone else is just stupid.

Until next week!


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