Tonight is the beginning to the heartbreaking segment of The Voice, the knockouts. This is when each coach cuts half of their team, keeping the strongest and letting go of the weakest. There are still steals available though, so all is not lost.

On to the first bout of the night!

Ashley Morgan VS Sonic  *Team Xtina*

Ashley comes out singing “Heartbreaker”, and instantly I think this is a horrible song choice. This would be a great song to sing at your friends karaoke party, but it doesn’t translate very well on The Voice. Not only that, but her voice is very winded and her high note quality got about as high as a Penguin in a vertical leap contest. Sonic sings “A Women’s Worth”, which is, in contrast, the perfect song choice . She definitely makes that face like she just smelt a pungent fart, but she is feeling the song and was precise in her pitch. Sonic wins this in my book, no contest. Christina does indeed choose Sonic and Ashley goes home.

Brian Johnson VS Sarah Potenza  *Team Blake*

Brian chooses “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You”, which does allow him to move around like he wanted to…but he didn’t. In fact, all he did was just sorta shuffle around and maybe take a step or two around. To me, it was not the best song choice, but the fact remains that his voice is going to be tough to beat. Sarah goes with the ballad “Wasted Love” by my boy Matt McAndew, and I thought this was a really cool and smart song choice. She turns it into a really good rock ballad but she just looks so darn funny out there, I don’t know what it is about her. Maybe it’s just her body shape, I don’t know. I give it to Brian, but its close. Blake goes with Sarah and Brian gets stolen by Adam which makes Adam’s team instantly better.

Clinton Washington VS Nathan Hermida  *Team Adam*

Clinton sings “Wanted” which is a country song. Clinton is not country. Just wanted to make that clear. I guess he wanted to sing it to be different and stand out, but it was sorta weird for me. I never felt connected to it. Nathan sings “Leave Your Lover” and again, another contrast. Nathan might not have the strength and power of vocals like Clinton, but wow, I felt his song. He is a titan on this show, and Nathan is my winner. Adam keeps Nathan and Clinton goes home.

WHAT?!? Ok this is big time…a three-contestant battle is happening here, and at first I was thinking “here goes The Voice again, trying to get stupid creative” but no, the reason is because Anthony Riley left the show for personal reasons. This is mind blowing and now I must find out why, as Anthony was one of my favorites to make it to the final 8, and definitely was live-bound. This show always has something crazy going on behind the scenes.

Mia Z  VS Paul Pfau VS Sawyer Fredericks  *Team Pharrell*

Mia starts off first with “Hold On I’m Coming”, and instantly shows off that cat-like, sultry purr of a voice she has. Not only that, she glides across into the impossible highs that no contestant is capable of hitting. There is no way you can let go of this girl, it would be foolish to let her go. She is a ball of fire that is not going to be extinguished anytime soon. Paul sings “I Don’t Need No Doctor”, which is blues and directly in his wheelhouse. Its cool and groovy but if he was just battling Mia, it would be goodbye Paul. So, he just needs to be better than Sawyer, who is coming out singing “Collide”, which is a fantastic choice of song but right off the bat I do not like his version at all. To me this kid sings really funny, and I guess if I have to choose, I am keeping Mia and Paul. However, Pharrell choices Sawyer first and then decides to chose Mia. Paul goes home. As a side note, I do not get the love Sawyer is getting…its odd to me. Maybe I just hate his sissified hair, but I hope he gets kicked off the show ASAP.

Meghan Linsey VS Travis Ewing  *Team Blake*

Meghan starts off first with “(You Make Me Feel Like ) A Natural Woman”, and this was, BY FAR, her best performance yet. I think this song must truly resonate in her because she didn’t just sing it, she projected it. Someone out there must really make her feel like a natural woman all right. Travis sings “I Don’t Want To Be”, and I sorta feel like this song is one of those songs that kills singers every time in battle rounds on The Voice. The funny part is this guy is butchering this song. Its pretty bad and he feels completely disconnected with it. His last and final note was also a huge reach and while he didn’t break, it was totally unnecessary. Meghan wins this and its not close. Travis goes home.

Kimberly Nichole VS Koryn Hawthorne  *Team Xtina*

Kimberly starts off first, singing “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free”, and its good. I’ve never been a fan of Kimberly and she didn’t do enough to get me on her bandwagon, but I will say that I liked her vocal performance for this song. She also enjoys moving around on stage a lot, like she is at church. Exerting that much energy while staying in pitch and not sounding winded is pretty awesome. She definitely brings it. Koryn (I love her name btw) is singing “Try”, and I feel like she is very nervous, like she is making lots of motions to cover for her anxiety. She definitely gets more comfortable as it goes on and I LOVED her final big note, it was gorgeous. I felt like this knockout was going to be won by Kimberly’s at first but Koryn swayed me to her side at the very end. I give it to Koryn by a pinch. Christina chooses Kimberly but Koryn gets saved by Pharrell.

Fantastic show, and I am 100% pumped for this season; There is some really good talent!



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