Knockout Night, Round 2!

Cody Wickline VS Corey Kent White   *Team Blake*

Cody starts off first, singing some song I have never heard before, “”Til My Last Day”. Can I say that if this was my last day and I had to listen to this performance, I would feel like my life was all for nothing? I really liked Cody prior but this performance was nothing special. Corey is singing “Live Like You Are Dying”, which I don’t remember being sung anytime recently on The Voice, and damn if i wish I didn’t have to hear it tonight because his version stunk. It was Pitchy and his voice sounded like he was gargling with Listerine while singing. If I wasn’t dying before, I am dying now. I would take Cody based on potential, but neither deserves a win. Blake goes with Corey, and Cody goes home.

Wow…both songs about living and dying and now I feel like I need to go meditate and find the meaning of life. What is this meager life for? What am I doing with it? Why did I just listen to two songs being obliterated by crappy singers?

Blaze Johnson VS Deanna Johnson   *Team Adam*  

Blaze begins first, singing “You Found Me” by the Fray. It was an OK performance and there is no doubt that Blaze can sing, but there was no real connection that I felt and it didn’t do anything for me. I want to critique this harder because this song is a song that when I hear it, it moves me. Not only that, Blaze cracked a note. This was way over his head, poor guy. Goodbye Blaze, because Deanna is singing “Listen To Your Heart”, which is probably the most perfect song for her. I want to parallel Deanna to previous voice star singer Jake Worthington, who never got anyone to turn for them prior but came back and got several chairs to turn. I really feel like Deanna and I believe could go just as far as Jake did, and for this reason I go with Deanna. Adam does indeed chose Deanna and Blaze goes home.

Hannah Kirby VS Caitlin Caporale   *Team Pharrell*

I love Hannah, she is so goofy up there doing her thing. This is interesting because if you compare her to Sarah Potenza (who I have criticized for looking awkward on stage), I find Sarah to be off-putting and displaced, while Hannah seems natural and likable. Plus, she is singing “Higher Love”, which really made it fun. Caitlin sings “Warrior” and I think it is just fantastic. Caitlin is a strong contender in my eyes, and I feel like she will get plenty of votes come lives. This makes for a very tough decision for Pharrell. I would chose Hannah but Pharrell chooses Caitlin. Blake decides to steal Hannah and I am glad for that!

See y’all next week!


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