The Voice: TKO

The knockout rounds have been entertaining so far, and last week’s were really good. However, last night was very disappointing to me. In fact, it wasn’t until the final knockout of the night did I feel that the battles were evenly matched. This was definitely a night of TKO’s.

Barry Minniefield VS Tonya Boyd-Cannon  *Team Adam*

Ok, on second thought, maybe this one was pretty evenly matched. This battle proves that Adam knew he can’t take two older people into the lives, as one has to be cut. Barry was really good in his song but it was boring. Tonya was just meh. I do not like either of these two, and Adam chooses to keep Tonya. I think its a lock that she will be the first to go home next week in the lives.

Brooke Adee VS Kelsie May  *Team Blake*

The second battle of the night was the most lopsided one I have seen in a while. Little Kelsie May was so over matched that one could equate this as taking a wet noodle into a fight against soldiers equipped with AK-47’s You know the saying a picture tells a thousand words? Here is a screen capture of Christina Aguilera during Kelsie’s song: IMG_20150330_200549

Kelsie never had a chance and Blake was clearly stalling in his pick just to lighten the blow of the inevitable flood of tears that would be flowing from Kelsie’s big, doe-like eyes. Brooke moves on , Kelsie can go back singing to her ducks.

Joe Tolo VS India Carney  *Team Christina*

Joe is a good singer but honestly is forgettable. In fact, as I write this, I already forgot what he sounded like. This probably means it was not very good. India came out strong, but I do not like how much she uses that vibrato of hers. I get that it’s her calling card, and no doubt a background in opera singing means you are trained to use it considerably. But on The Voice, it doesn’t translate so well and comes across as over-dramatic. Either way, India gets chosen while Joe goes home. Wait, who is Joe again?

Lowell Oakley VS Jacob Rummell  *Team Pharrell*

Oh man…so much to say about this one. Jacob goes first, and I have sorta believed in him a little. I mean, the kid can sing, no doubt about that. But as Pharrell tells him, he only uses a portion of his register and never goes anywhere else with it. Not only that, his voice clearly cracks at one point, although no coach makes mention of it. This just meant that Lowell had this locked up, all he had to do was show up on stage, blow some notes for a bit and he wins. But instead, Lowell has one of the most awkward performances I have seen in a while. At the beginning part of his song, which is “My Girl” by the way, he incorporates an awkward laugh into a transition. While it seems like he just tripped and tried to laugh a stumble off, I think he really meant to do that. It was like he wanted to get so playful with the performance that he instead took it to another level, almost like he was trying on purpose to blow it so that he could go home. That does not happen though, as Pharrell chooses Lowell and Jacob goes home.

Rob Taylor VS Treeva Gibson  *Team Christina*

There really isn’t much to say here other than Rob won this no contest. Rob nails an Al Green song while Treeva botches an Adele song. I did like Treeva prior to this, but she was clearly out-sung by Rob. Rob stays, Treeva goes.

Joshua Davis VS Lexi Davila  *Team Adam*

Finally we get a quality battle, it only took all night! Joshua is one of my favorites, and he instantly hooks you with his soulful voice. It’s like Christina says, he sings and you just get drawn in, kind of in a Eric Clapton sort of way. I enjoy his song so much I didn’t think Lexi stood a chance. Boy was I wrong! Lexi starts off somewhat shaky, but that is mostly due to the song as it takes a bit to rev up. But once she was about 35 seconds into the song, she begins to shine, and when I thought this was going to be an easy choice for Adam to make, it has become insanely difficult. I get the impression that Adam was thinking Lexi was going to stumble, why else would you pair two voices like this against one other? Or, he knew Christina wanted Lexi and he was happy with Josh and secretly conspired with Christina that he would save Joshua so she can keep Lexi. Either way, Joshua gets kept and Lexi gets stolen by Christina.

So there you have it! The blind auditions are well in the past, the battle rounds have been fought, and the final knock-out has been dealt. Now it’s on to the live shows, see ya next week!


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