The Voice – The Playoffs begin

Sarah Potenza – Free Bird  B-

Not a fan of Sarah but she did this song justice. Whatever it was she was wearing made it look like she was ready to jump off a cliff and try to be a bird. She kinda looks like a bird. This makes so much sense!

Hannah Kirby – I Feel the Earth Move  B+

She is a singer and entertainer in every way, shape, or form. It is like Blake says, she gets possessed by the song. Her dance moves though are crazy…she is the female Napoleon Dynamite! I am amazing how she never seems winded.

Corey Kent White – Make You Feel My Love  B-

A great song choice, but I heard him struggling with some of the notes and was not as smooth as it should have been. He didn’t sell it to me, but he did sing it ok. He has staying power just because he is the only country boy.

Brooke Adee – Love Me Like You Do  C

Another good song choice but one that didn’t connect with me. Brooke is better than this.

Meghan Linsey – Love Runs Out  B-

I did not enjoy this performance by Meghan. She strains her voice too much when singing these type of songs, and I think she needs to keep her songs to slower tempo’s. 

Caitlin Caporale – Best Thing I Never Had  B-

I think Caitlin sang this song great. I mean, it was a great cover and sang it true to the song. But it was also…flat.

Lowell Oakley – Jealous  D+

Ugh…Can we just send him home right now and not wait until Wednesday? Awful and the worst performance of the night.

Mia Z – Ain’t No Sunshine  A

Mia is my sunshine in this competition, that’s for sure. Lucky for me (and hopefully you), there will always be sunshine because she is making it to the final four of this competition and not even worried about that one bit. This song she just sang reminded me of the MTV unplugged shows that used to air, and you could really hear how great the vocalist was without music. She is there.

Koryn Hawthorne – How Great Thou Art  A-

Awww…she sang about me and used my name in her song. For that she deserves an A, right? Seriously though, thanks for taking me back to church Koryn.

Sawyer Fredericks – Trouble  A-

Oh man…great, great song. I really don’t care if he sang a song that is more “grown up” so to speak, he sang this so perfect. I loved it.

So, this brings me to predictions, my favorite thing to do. They are:

Team Pharrell

Lock to stay: Mia and Sawyer

Lock to go home: Lowell

On the bubble: Koryn and Caitlin. For the record, I will predict that Caitlin is the one cut loose and Koryn stays.

Team Blake

Lock to stay: Corey and Meghan

Lock to go home: Sarah

On the bubble: Brooke and Hannah. I think this will be a tough choice for Blake, but I bet he keeps Brooke and lets go of Hannah.


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