The Voice Playoffs, Part 2

Tonight opened up with Sia and her song “Elastic Heart”, and can I just say how great it was? I absolutely loved it, even if she has some sort of Lady Gaga thing going on. It wasn’t a performance in the traditional sense, just a good singer with a good song that had me adding it to my streaming playlist. I give her an A+

On to more grades!

Tonya Boyd-Cannon – “Take Me to the Pilot”  B

Last night we had Koryn taking us to church with “How Great Thou Art”, and now we have Tonya jamming this one evangelical style and brought it. I find it interesting they chose for her to go first, considering Sarah had to go first last night (age before beauty?), as I think going first hurts their votes usually. I don’t see Tonya making it to the top 12, but good for her having a great time tonight.

Joshua Davis – “Budapest”  B+

Ok, Joshua is a real pro to have to sing his song against the HORRID rhythm of the crowd and their atrocious clapping. I WANT TO TAKE TIME OUT OF THIS REVIEW FOR AN IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: CAN WE PLEASE PETITION TO THE VOICE THAT THEY NEVER ALLOW THE CROWD TO CLAP AGAIN? As a drummer myself, I find this lack of rhythm offensive, and God bless Joshua for having to endure this distraction. Good song, good singer, horribly bad crowd.

Sonic – “I’m Going Down”  B-

Oh how do I explain my feelings on this song…its like taking a trip to a Sonic and ordering a cherry vanilla Dr Pepper and getting excited for it because I know its going to be good. But then I get it and when I taste it, I realize they forgot the cherry in it, and instead its just vanilla Dr Pepper. This is still good, but it wasn’t what I was expecting and not as good. Thanks Sonic for making me thirsty.

Brian Johnson – “At This Moment”  A

Wow. Just wow. He sang the song the way it was originally intended but the timing was different and it had me thinking that he was off but no, he would then finish just right with the arrangement which meant it was pre-conceived. I loved it and it is my favorite performance (so far) of the night.

Kimberly Nichole – “What’s Up”  C+

Not a fan of this song by Kimberly at all. Her voice is screechy-whiney a bit too much and I don’t think I would ever want to listen to this song as a single in my life. Sorry but no bueno for this muchacho.

Lexi Davila – “All By Myself”  A

Goodness, this girl has pipes. This was the first time I have heard her sing and she wasn’t nervous at all. I loved this performance! Now that’s a voice.

Nathan Hermida – “Chains”  C

I find this song choice very perplexing. I have loved everything Nathan has done so far but this song is nothing like what he has done prior and I don’t think its what he should be doing. The one part of the song where he needed to hit his high note fell short. I feel bad for him as this was not his best performance. Song choice could be his ending, and that is a shame.

India Carney – “Hurt”  B

First of all, great song choice. Secondly, India is bringing out the theatrics again and for this song it worked pretty well as it was very dramatic. And third, she is good.

Rob Taylor – “Earned It”  C-

Rob and his Predator haircut and his stupid high voice needs to go. Bye Felicia, I can’t stand this weirdo.

DeAnna Johnson – “Down at the River”  B-

The most unique voice of the competition sings last to finish the night. She looks like an angel and is singing an old time religion song. I wonder how this will sway votes? I thought she was good but this song was super boring. Who will buy this? Hopefully there are lots of older people voting for her, she will need it.

Prediction time!

Team Adam

Lock to stay: Joshua, DeAnna

Lock to go home: Tonya

On the bubble: Nathan, Brian

Team Christina

Lock to stay: Kimberly, India

Lock to go home: Sonic

On the bubble: Lexi, Rob


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