The Voice, Rebafied

After watched the show, I felt like the song choices were really bad, and that this was one of the worst shows of the season. The coaches still pour on the love though, like ” you are so amazing!”, “you set the bar so high!”, “you are every girls dream!”. Ugh, disgusting. Face it coaches, they weren’t that good. Where is Simon Cowell when you need him? On to the grades!

Hannah Kirby – Edge of Seventeen  B+

I don’t care what anyone thinks of her awkward dance moves, this girl can sing. Honestly, the thing that annoys me the most is her mother…can they please stop showing her, for the love of god?!?!

Brian Johnson – “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”  C-

Terrible song choice as Brian was really struggling to hit the notes on the chorus. I also find it funny how this guy never changes his wardrobe. He did go hat less this time, maybe to make people think he wasn’t wearing what he wore last week. Nice try Brian but you fell flat and I blame Adam for the horrid song.

India Carney – “Take Me To Church”  C-

Christina was taking Adam’s advice I guess in giving her singer a terrible song to sing because this is not a song India sings very well. Was she really raising her arms like this is a gospel song? Sorry India, but this song is not religious but in fact very blasphemous. Anyhow, was not a fan of the song and considering Matt McAndrew absolutely killed this song last season, this was the weak pathetic version. Not to mention she squealed and screeched several of the high notes. Sorry but you also lose to song choice, India.

Mia Z – “Miss You”  A-

In the previews, I noticed Reba did not take affection to Mia, and this meant that Mia is obviously cool and a good singer because Reba doesn’t know crap and is a terrible singer herself. Did I mention I hate Reba? Ok well I hate Reba. So this song by Mia isn’t my favorite and I won’t be rushing out to buy it. I actually thought it was a boring song with very few lyrics. Song choice again was a killer, but thankfully Mia was good enough to overcome the terrible song choice.

DeAnna Johnson – “Oceans”  B-

DeAnna is singing a song I have never heard in my life and it seemed like it would be a good choice for her. Maybe it was…but I think they could have gone a better route. I am happy to see DeAnna so happy out there, it seems she finally is gaining some confidence.

Sawyer Fredericks – “Imagine”  C+

This song is the first song choice that I think is exactly the type of song that should vault a guy like Sawyer to stardom. However, to me it didn’t hit the mark. In fact, he missed a HUGE note in this song, like probably the most distinct note in the entire song. For this, he loses an entire letter grade.

Rob Taylor – Spell On You”  C-

Captain mullet-dreadlocks puts a spell on Christina (and maybe America) because this song sucked and yet the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully this will be the end of Rob, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Corey Kent White – “Why”  F

Its been a while that I have heard a country singer sing a song that they missed about 50% of their notes. This song was an absolute train wreck, and the sad part is, he probably will still make the cut because he is country. Sorry, but this was one of the worst performances I have heard in a while. He destroyed the chorus, and if Jason Aldean was listening, he was probably throwing up into his red solo cup. I know I was.

Koryn Hawthorne – “Stronger”  C-

Koryn and her weird trembling, it always makes her look like she is scared to heck. She was yelling most of this song, and for that reason I give it a low grade since it was very unappealing and not something I would ever want to listen to again. AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE SIT DOWN PHARRELL! YOU STUPID IDIOT, IT WASN’T THAT GOOD! I am so over Pharrell, can he go away for good, please? Bring Celo back? Ok, maybe not that far…but please bring Usher back, I am officially off the Pharrell bandwagon.

Joshua Davis – “America”  B-

Apparently Blake has never heard this song in his life, and guess what? Neither have I! And as for ever wanting to listen to it again, nope. Not a good song, super boring and just makes Joshua look older than what he is. Bad song choice but the guy is still such a great singer. Hopefully Adam picks something more current for him next week.

Meghan Linsey – “Girl Crush”  A

Girl crush huh? Interesting…is that how Meghan plays? I will say she sang this really, really well. I still don’t see her as a threat to win the competition, but I do give her the win for tonight as my favorite performance.

Kimberly Nichole – “House of the Rising Sun”  A-

Very good entertainer, but her singing style is very Tina Turner, and I hate Tina Turner. I will always wear my colors on my sleeves, and I make it obvious. So for this reason, I do not like her and hope she doesn’t win, even though she is good. This is all I will say on her because I can’t really say anything else negative about her.

So who do I think should go home? Corey for sure, and probably Rob. I also think Brian, India and Koryn could be sent packing. I don’t want to make a real prediction here but I do see these five at the bottom. If you held a gun to my head, I would say Rob and Brian go home. Peace.


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