The Voice Season 9 Battle Rounds!

The Voice, the show that can get me very happy and absolutely livid at the same time. I chose to not write anything from the blinds, since this proved a vital flaw in my reviews of the singers, as early impressions did not hold true. In hopes to better gauge the talent, I think starting from the battle rounds is a smarter move. There were people I did like from the blinds and that will probably hold weight as I review them and this goes for the ones I did not like as well.

Battle 1, Jordan Smith VS Regina Love

My first impressions are that Regina is very powerful and sings with emotion. Jordan is just a good, all around singer who does not have charisma. As the competition went on I just felt like Regina was the better choice. Thing is, neither of these two will win because one is too old and the other is lurchy and not likable. Adam seems to think that Jordan could win this competition, but considering he just shaved his head, his decision making is clearly poor.

Regina: B  (Stolen by Gwen)

Jordan: B- (Winner)


Battle 2, Tyler Dickerson VS Zach Seabaugh

I hate both these guys with a passion. I was constantly hoping one of them would trip and fall, or they would sneeze and a booger would fly out of their giant nostrils. If I had to chose, I would chose the microphone. Oh, I can’t choose the microphone? Ok I chose lamp. Surely there is a lamp I could chose, right? Somewhere?

Tyler: F

Zach: F (There are no winners from this battle, but Blake chose this fool.)


Battle 3, Ellie Lawrence VS Tim Atlas

Another very uninspiring, boring battle. They are going downhill after the first one. You can tell neither of these kids are good on the stage or comfortable. However, I really really like Ellie’s voice and for that reason would give her the win.

Ellie: B- (Winner)

Tim: C (Stolen by Pharrel)


Battle 4, Celeste Betton VS Mark Hood

Ain’t no mountain high enough for these two amazing singers. Very, very good battle. In fact, it wasn’t even like a battle, but a duet. They sang off each other magically, and I truly enjoyed this performance.

Celeste: A

Mark: A (Winner)


Battle 5, Dustin Ink VS James Dupre

Both of these guys are jokers. James can’t relate to this song at all and just looks too clean cut to be singing an emotional song. Dustin looks like a drug dealer that just got out of prison. If it wasn’t for the fact that they sang a Foggerty song, they might have skipped from televising this performance.

Dustin: D

James: D+ (Winner)


Battle 6, Barrett Baber VS Dustin Christensen

Wow. Watching these two guys sing makes me feel like this is something I would be seeing in the Final Four. Both of them act very comfortable on the stage, like they have done this before. I expect to see both of these guys in the final few episodes. Fantastic!

Dustin: A (Stolen by Adam)

Barrett: A (Winner)

And that’s a wrap for night one! Now on to night two, as I watch them back to back!


Battle 7, Keith Semple VS Manny Cabo

First thing I notice about Manny is he paints his nails. Fag. Now Keith actually shocked me, I had no clue he could sing like that. He didn’t look like the type. I vote Keith and it’s not even close. I also want to mention that my favorite part of the show happened here, when Keith was singing the line “Wasted!” and was looking right at Blake. Afterwards, Blake makes the joke “How did you know I was wasted?” Haha. Really great and real by Blake.

Keith: A- (Winner)

Manny: C+


Battle 8, Chris Crump VS Krista Hughes

Chris sings like a contemporary christian singer in my opinion. Very polished singer but not all that exciting. Krista sings like a traditional country singer with a strong twang. in fact, I couldn’t really tell what she was saying several times. For that reason I go with Chris. This was an odd pairing for sure.

Chris: B (Winner)

Krista: C+


Battle 9, Ivonne Acero VS Siahna Im

Ok, this Siahna chick has to go. I can’t stand looking at her, I can’t stand the way she talks, I can’t stand the way she sings. Please just go. Forever. Ok bye. Ivonne, she isn’t anything special but she is tolerable at least. Ivonne wins. By the way, why on earth did NBC choose THIS battle for the final of the night? It was garbage! Actually, none were that great, compared to Monday nights show.

Ivonne: C+ (Stolen by Gwen NO WAIT, BLAKE! WTF?)

Siahna: D (Winner) p.s. Pharrell is an idiot

See ya next week!


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