The Voice – Searching for Carrie Underwood

One more steal by each coach means there is lots of drama to ensue tonight. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, and in preparation, I actually got involved watching some old school American Idol performances over the weekend. Someone caught my ear and eye though, and that was the one and only Carrie Underwood. I started watching all of her past performances but one stood out to me in particular – this one:


What I like about this so much is how raw it is, how she deviates from her country comfort zone, and how she isn’t dancing around looking like a fool. She simply is moving with the music, keeping the beat, and absolutely showing off vocal prowess that has not been found ever again on a singing competition, leading her to win that season and becoming the greatest American Idol ever (sorry Kelly Clarkson). As I watch from here on out, this is what we need to find. This is what we need to hear. Flawless pitch and confidence without looking like a karaoke superstar wannabe.

I dedicate this to you Carrie Underwood. On to the battles!


Blaine Mitchell VS Blind Joe

Unfortunately we won’t be hearing any Carrie Underwood in this battle. I remember thinking Blind Joe was good in the blind competitions (no pun intended), and thought Blaine was extremely boring. However, this was no battle but a duet. Blaine and Blind Joe sang really well together and neither outdid the other. This is a tie.

Blind Joe: B (Winner)

Blaine: B (Stolen by Adam)


Cassandra Robertson VS Viktor Kiraly

Viktor is Johnny cool hair, but actually has a really smooth voice to go along with his epic do. Great pitch in his voice, if a bit nasally. Cassandra I thought was horrible in the blinds and is horrible in the battle. Very boring and not a great singer. Good, but not great. Winner is Johnny cool hair if you ask me.

Viktor: B+ (Winner)

Cassandra: C-


Chase Kerby VS Korin Bukowski

The battle of the single-chair turn! I can only imagine Gwen is thinking to herself “holy cow, why did I turn for either of these losers?” I personally hated Chase to death in the blinds, I thought he totally sucked. Korin was also drab and totally dorky. And guess what? This still holds true. Although, Korin at least has something to her voice, like she could sing on a Disney cartoon or something. I guess that is worth winning this battle. Chase was AWFUL.

Chase: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Korin: C (Winner)


Evan McKeel VS Riley Biederer

I do not remember either of these singers in the blinds, so either they didn’t air them, or I was comatose from so much bad that was on the first couple nights of the season that I slept through them. So here is the problem here: both of them are actually ok, but the song Pharrell gave them was a Stevie Wonder song that CLEARLY suited Evan. Poor Riley has no chance with this song. She loses I think.

Evan: B+ (Winner)

Riley: C- (Stolen by Gwen)


Braiden Sunshine VS Lyndsey Elm

I really really hate the practices with the coaches. Like, they are fine when they are just bantering with the guest coach, but when they do the interview and say stupid things like Lyndsey saying “OMG Selina Gomez, she is at the top of the charts…” Really? Selena Gomez at the top of the charts? Thanks for letting us know that or else we would have never known that SELENA GOMEZ IS A CHART TOPER. Ugh. I blame The Voice and its stupid writers / producers. Anyhow, this Braiden kid has great tone but looks like he is still 5 years away from hitting puberty. I will pass. Lyndsey is pretty good and has really really nice tone and pitch. It’s straight and not really unique but enough to beat the kid that probably still wears Superman underwear.

Lyndsey: B

Braiden: C (Winner) 


Andi & Alex VS Chance Pena

Oh A&A…stands for Angel and Angel, right? My favorites from the blinds. However, this Chance kid is actually pretty good. The song they are singing seems to be better suited for Chance as well. Great song and Chance was nervous, but he definitely sounds a tad bit better. I give it to Chance, but barely. See, I am not so one-sided and blinded by the absolutely gorgeous blondes.

Chance: A (Stolen by Blake)

A&A: A- (Winner)

I do want to say something about this result. Obviously I love A&A (they look like sisters of Avril Lavigne), but I really wish Chance won. Why? Because I think Chance would do better with Adam and A&A on team Blake. There is no doubt that Blake would have also stolen A&A, just like he stole Chance. A&A need to be on team Blake to win, and I fear for them on team Adam. I don’t know why, I just do.

Anyhow, that is all for now. Great night, and I hope to dream of those two lovely ladies tonight! TMI! PEACE OUT!

p.s. the search for Carrie continues tomorrow…


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