The Voice, Old Timers Night

Last night was the full two hour episode so tonight we have the quickie one hour special. Hopefully we have quality over quantity?


Amanda Ayala VS Shelby Brown

Ugh…a Stevie Nicks song…would be cool to actually have some more recent music for these battles. Not sure why they insist on using songs that were well before the times of these girls. I have to say that this sing off was pretty bad. Amanda was very flat, was bouncing around way too much, and looked very amateur. This girl is trash. Shelby on the other hand can sing but this song didn’t suit her at all and was uninspiring. Winner to Shelby by default. So much for quality.

Amanda: F

Shelby: D+ (Winner)


Amy Vachal VS Jubal & Amanda

Amy Vachal! Loved her in the blinds so hoping for something special here. Jubal & Amanda I remember not caring for them but they could change my mind. And here we go with another old song…WHY, THE VOICE, WHY?!? Amy sounds nice but is definitely getting swallowed a little bit by the stronger voices of J&A. This is another tough one because they sang really well together and didn’t separate themselves enough from one another. I think Amy has more long term potential so slight win to her. P.S. Gwen keeps calling Amy Pocahontas and I have on idea why, this stupid racist slut. Can I say I hate Gwen? I do. I hate her.

Amy: B+ (Winner)

J&A: B


Emily Ann Roberts VS Morgan Frazier

Emily Ann stinks. She is rushing the song and not letting it just come to her. Her voice is also really weird too. Morgan Frazier though…wow. I was talking about Carrie Underwood yesterday and oddly enough, out of no where this girl shows up and definitely left me with that impression of someone that could be similar. I can’t believe Blake literally just said that note was Carrie Underwood! Damn, I am good. I give this to Morgan.

Morgan: A- (Stolen by Pharrell, thank God)

Emily Ann: B- (Winner)


See you next week!


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